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    The wonderful revolution of contamination


    Essential lines and precious materials

    Sustainability and flexibility, combined with configuration of different micro diamond choices, are the characteristics of this series. The essential and elegant lines of aluminum with the play of lights and the chromatic reflections of the micro-diamonds make this product unique and prestigious.

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    Nothing is left to chance

    The micro-diamond creates shapes and reflections in a play of chromatic and material harmonies thanks to the different layouts of the switches and the choice of different types of surfaces in micro diamonds.


    Micro-engravings for unique details

    The surface is worked with inlays of about 300 micro holes worked by mechanical processing, customized with a variety of  different colors combinations of the  micro-diamonds. Creating a unique final object where each composition is certified with a specific carat evaluation and quality of micro-diamonds.

    Qplate: Uniqueness always waits

    The new Qplate keypad with sinuous lines and precious materials, imprisons the essence of new trends. It emerges as an element of enhancement, catalyst and characterizing the surrounding environment.

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