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    alphaplate®collection is a unique combination of materials, technology and sophistication

    Each plate is the result of the processing of solid aluminium sheets by numerically controlled (CNC) machines. With a thickness of 6 to 10 mm, they come in square, circular and rectangular shapes.


    We provide architects and designers with a range of innovative and customizable solutions,

    making even a simple gesture like switching on a light unique and exclusive. The range of our push-button panels is the result of obsessive attention to detail, simplification, and sensitivity to the shopping experience, history and emotions that the shapes and materials of the object can stimulate.

    And it is this awareness that makes the alphaplate®collection a true object of interaction design entirely Made in Italy, conceived and designed to make the relationship between the user and the object itself simpler and more accessibile.


    Born for the yacht and loved by the residential world

    The various lines were designed with different materials and shapes to satisfy the stylistic demands of the most demanding customers: from designers of the most famous shipyards to international shipowners, from architects of residential projects to homeowners of all levels.


    Technology at a click

    Inviting to the touch and pleasing to the eye, the alphaplate®collection provides an advanced sensory experience for the user. The push-button panels can be used to activate all lighting and movement functions in a simple and intuitive way, transforming a technical element into a furnishing and design object. The buttons can be customized with a high-quality laser engraving.

    Highly configurable

    The high quality of the materials used for production, the elegance and refinement of the finishes, combined with the flexibility of customizing layouts and colours, make each supply unique to the purchaser.

    Smart backlighting

    In order to optimise use in all lighting conditions, each model in the alphaplate®collection includes backlighting with different levels of intensity to highlight activated buttons and make it easier to use the lighting system and its functions.

    Home automation wiring

    The alphaplate®collection is compatible with the most common home automation systems and with traditional systems with dry contact wiring.


    welcome on night off

    Adapting lighting
    to your lifestyle

    Creating different atmospheres, by customizing the icon keys for managing lights and blinds, in each room according to the type of activity and time of day; it is indeed possible!

    Qplate: Uniqueness always waits

    The new Qplate keypad with sinuous lines and precious materials, imprisons the essence of new trends. It emerges as an element of enhancement, catalyst and characterizing the surrounding environment.

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