A combination of materials, technology, and unprecedented elegance.

Each plate is the result of processing solid aluminium sheets using CNC machines. With a thickness ranging from 6 to 10 mm, they come in square, circular, and rectangular shapes.

An innovative Solution

We offer architects and designers a range of creative and bespoke options capable.

of making even a simple gesture like turning on the lights original and exclusive. Our collections stem from the pursuit of aesthetic and conceptual minimalism that leaves no detail neglected, focusing on every element to enhance its character and myriad possibilities.

This new awareness makes the Alphaplate® Collection a true object of interaction design entirely Made in Italy, designed and created to make the connections between the user and the product more simple yet emotional.


Born for yachts, embraced by the residential world.

We created different lines, each featuring unique materials and shapes, to meet any request. These lines are suitable for the most demanding designers as well as homeowners of all kinds of residences, but also cater to the needs of international shipowners and architects working on residential projects.



Functionalities to admire.

Inviting to touch and pleasing to the eye, the Alphaplate® Collection provides the end user with a surprising sensory experience. In a simple, pleasant, and intuitive manner, the switch keyboards activate lighting and movement functions, transforming from a mere technical element into a piece of furniture, further enriched by the customization of buttons through high-quality laser engraving.


Beyond every expectation.

We’ve anticipated every need, considered every scenario, and foresaw every desire.


Wide versatility

The exceptional quality of materials, the refinement of finishes, and the ability to customize every aspect give each delivery an exclusive character, tailored to the desires of those who order them.

Programmable backlighting

Every serie in the Alphaplate® Collection features backlighting with different intensity levels that highlight the activated buttons and make the keyboard easy to use in any lighting condition.

Home automation wiring

Alphaplate® Collection is compatible with the most common home automation systems and traditional installations with dry contact wiring. The promise to understand your needs, the certainty of being able to give them shape and form.

The promise of understanding your needs, the certainty of knowing how to give them form and substance.

The promise of understanding your needs, the certainty of knowing how to give them form and substance.