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  • Kplate - Harmony and elegance. Unrivalled.


    Perfection is achieved when there is nothing left to take away


    High quality colours and finishes

    Trendy colours and finishes add a touch of lightness, elegance and sophistication to all environments.


    Technology and design.
    The first emotion... felt simply by looking at it.
    Clean, solid and harmonious lines.


    The second emotion... experienced by touching it.
    The best craftsmanship dedicated to the execution of finishes of unprecedented prestige and quality.


    Soft touch keys.
    The third one... a plunge to the heart, which you experience upon pressing the key. LED backlighting for key feedback is available in RGB colours.



    A coordinated series of switches, compatible with the most popular civil series on the market, complete the range and allow the aesthetics of the control panel to be standardised with the branch control.

    Qplate: Uniqueness always waits

    The new Qplate keypad with sinuous lines and precious materials, imprisons the essence of new trends. It emerges as an element of enhancement, catalyst and characterizing the surrounding environment.

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