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  • Hplate - Functional and versatile. Unique.


    Focussing on details to appear surprisingly adequate.


    You can tell an original...
    by its finish

    Hplate is the pleasure of owning a button panel with clean lines and the uniqueness of fine materials. The colours, layouts and shapes of the buttons can be customized to make it unique every time. Hplate is the most eclectic series of alphaplate®collaction where every combination can be exclusive.


    Sharp and versatile lines

    Hplate Slim are slim and elegant; all the qualities of Hplate are contained in a small size. Ideal solution, horizontally and vertically, for confined spaces.


    Details are more important than the essential

    Needs and desires that focus on details, not just on an overall view. Bevelled cuts, round or rectangular keys, diffuse or punctual backlighting, special finishes and surface treatments. What you wish for comes true.


    Customizable keys

    Removable single or double keys, round or square with or without icon. Diffuse or spot LED backlighting, in blue or white. A range of choices to make the control panel valuable and intuitive.


    Different models and configurations

    Made of aluminium for horizontal and vertical applications, available in configurations of up to 4 buttons (standard 502) or 8 buttons (standard 503 and Slim version), the Hplate is further characterised by a variety of layouts and easy installation thanks to its magnetic fixation.


    Tailored to you need

    The aluminium switches and sockets can be treat in a wide choise of treatments: painted, metallic, anodised, galvanised and custom.



    A coordinated series of flush mounting boxes, compatible with the most popular civil series on the market, complete the range and allow the aesthetics of the control panel to be standardised with the branch control.

    Qplate: Uniqueness always waits

    The new Qplate keypad with sinuous lines and precious materials, imprisons the essence of new trends. It emerges as an element of enhancement, catalyst and characterizing the surrounding environment.

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