Essential. Complete.

Essential. Complete.

Sea roots

Style and technology from the world of yachting.

Designed for the needs of the yachting industry: attention to detail, robustness, small footprint, simple and fast installation thanks to the plug & play system and magnetic frame attachment, maximum flexibility in customizing the label to the desired product.

Limitless customization.


The YPlate® collection ensures maximum creative flexibility in every aspect. Made of aluminium, for horizontal and vertical applications, they are available in different configurations of up to 6 keys that can be customized using screen printing techniques. Choosing and creating the symbol for each control is a privilege. Making the controls more intuitive is a necessity.


Buttons with feedback LEDs.

The state control LEDs allow for a unique nighttime usability, making every power on and off operation extremely intuitive.



The YPlate® line offers a series of coordinated sockets, perfectly compatible with the most common civilian series on the market, harmonizing the visual appearance of control points with those of derivation.


Antioxidation protection.

The aluminium frame houses a polycarbonate label, available in all RAL colors, with clean lines that enhance its desire for simplicity and practicality. A special process prevents any internal oxidations, thereby extending its level of robustness and longevity.